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    Law Graduate and Digital Nomad

    Very happy to join this community. After succesfully finishing my law exams, my goal for now is to be highly productive, while still mantaining a free lifestyle of not being restricted to a fixed workplace.

    I have five years of experience working for big law firms specialized on insolvency law. My expertise lay in the searching and retrieving of antecedent transactions in favour of the insolvency estate. By methodically searching through huge piles of business records by the insolvency debtor i was able to uncover enormous amounts of money, which i then succesfully reclaimed.

    I have good IT skills and can command any data processing programs with efficiency. I am fluent in English, German and Croatian. Furthermore i have a good command of Brazilian Portuguese and continuing to improve.

    Looking forward to doing good business and striking up fruitful relationships.

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    • Country: Germany