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    • goncalompeixoto Mixing/Mastering Engineer 0 review
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    I was born in a family with a long history of relationship with music, and so I’ve a been a musician since the age of 5, studying classical piano and later on getting interested on the electric guitar too. 

    My initial and significant contact with the world of audio production was when I started to get really interested in Hip-Hop music and began the urge to produce my own instrumentals. Due to that, I made the decision to academically complete my knowledge and skills at ESMAE, where I started to get really into the world of mixing and mastering, particularly as them being part of a creative process that leads to new works; and as them being parts of this process, they can significantly potentiate the “raw” material of other artists creations, other than myself.

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    • Hourly Rate: 15,00€/h
    • Rating:
    • Experience: 5 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Total earned: 0,00€
    • Country: Portugal