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    Since April 2018 I work in the Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics as System and Control Engineer. My focus is in System Engineering for the Fusion Reactor ITER as well as the development of advance control algorithms for the evaluation of failures in a fusion reactor and the decision algorithms to decide the best course of action to prevent machine damage.

    In October 2015 I started my job as «Senior Control Systems Engineer» for the 4-Stroke Gas Engines in the General Electric Europe Research Center for the GE Jenbacher Engines. I enjoy learning new domains and thus enlarging my System overview, acquired during my 16 years of professional experience. This rich experience has not only allowed me to quick ramp up into new tasks and domains but also to propose and develop own initiatives aligned with the visions of the Company, such as my role as Technical Project Leader for the Reverse Engineering Project for the GE Jenbacher Motoren Control System SW, or the concept and development of a Matlab script based MiL environment or an excel-based Requirement Management Tool.


    Before my coming back to development, I worked as «Senior Manager for Control Systems» by Wärtsilä Switzerland, whose product are 2 Stroke Diesel Crosshead Marine Engines. I was leading a multidisciplinary team (System Engineering, Mechanical Design and SW testing and validation) as well as multilocation (Switzerland, Korea and India). My 6 years in Wärtsilä improved my leadership qualities and my Product Life Cycle Management expertise with methods such as:


    Six Sigma for Product development

    SCRUM for Embedded and desktop Application SW development

    System Engineering based INCOSE guidelines


    This experience in Switzerland complemented my 8 years of experience in the Automotive industry.


    As “System Architect” I participated in the RFQ for an Automotive Instrument Cluster project and the coordinated the prototype development with different departments, HW and SW in Germany and plastic mechanic, optics and manufacturing in Italy.


    Thanks to my experience in Siemens VDO Automotive, during my role as «Function Developer» and «Function Integration» for 4 Stroke Diesel Engines, I learnt the SW development methodology and SW architecture of the company. In this position I was responsible for the development of control functions for the diesel engines. I have performed this task in Germany and France.


    Previous to my career in Germany I worked in Spain as «Technical Office Manager» for Industrias Díaz S.A., a supplier of windows for buses and trains.

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