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    My name is Henrique and I´m from a little country on the west Europe, called Portugal.

    I am passionate about communication in its various forms: I am addicted to creativity and web design, breathe digital marketing and impactful campaigns, I feed myself of copywriting content and drink the experience of brands. I live for the digital reality.
    In 2010 I started writing content for the web. I worked as an Edition Coordinator in two regional newspapers and I was responsible for their conversion from print to digital. I focused on digital marketing, I specialized in design, content for digital media and creative advertising.
    I am now looking for remote work and thinking about leaving my full-time job at the agency where I work. I have a lot of experience in digital marketing, working for major brands in Portugal – General Motors, Opel, LeasePlan, LeasePlan Go, Honda, CarNext and most recently Burger King, Adidas and Redbull. 
    I am inbound marketing certified by Hubspot and Google Partner, among other Udemy certifications and others. I do also design, webdesign and develop web platforms, having launched for my freelance work. 
    I am Portuguese native, so I can speak with all the Brazilian market. I can also speak English, Spanish and a bit of French, although I need to practice it more regularly! 
    I am a self-taught and an eternal insatiable person because I believe that we must learn something new every day. What will be my next project? It could be with you. I´m already waiting: or

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