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    I am an editor specialized in digital publishing. Unlike other editors, who deal exclusively with the improvement of a work from a structural and stylistic point of view, my work is also aimed at optimizing content for search engines. Doing SEO for a book means being able to intercept the readers’ wishes talking by their same own language.

    Buying through the online libraries, a reader can no longer physically browse a volume to decide if it is just what he is looking for, all he has at his disposal are information and metadata available through search engines, this inevitably changes the way you conceive a publication.

    In addition to reinforcing the message in a text, I therefore deal with: analyzing the content to outline the profile of the ideal reader, potentially more interested in buying; interpreting the research intentions of the target so identified to create books that interact with it through an intelligent link, metadata and semantic architecture, in a quick and effective way, above all, leaving space to the author to deal exclusively with the creative aspect of his work.

    What I offer you

    • Producing ebooks from a .doc, .odt or .docx file.
    • Creating ePub2, ePub3 or mobi for Kindle.
    • Metadata optimization and semantic tagging for better indexing.
    • Adding promotional pages (author profile, book catalog, previews with purchasing links).
    • Assistance with Sigil Ebook Editor.
    • Checking over html formatting and errors correction.
    • Design improvement through CSS (images, drop caps, indentation, chapters decoration).
    • Adding interactivity (internal links, TOC, index, notes), images, audio and video files (for ePub3).

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