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    After working for years both on a farm and for a business I started called Faithful Help, I had saved up enough to travel the world for 2-3 years on a conservative budget. My mom, handicapped sister, and I sold our house and all our belongings near the end of May 2015. We have been traveling the world since and visited 22 countries so far. I write blog posts full of information for other travelers, I write about traveling with my sister who has Down syndrome, and I write about the history, cultures, and people we met and learn about. 

    In the US, I studied Austrian economics around the country with an organization called Foundation for Economic Education. I also studied online independently. My next step is to become qualified to teach English.

    Traveling as a means of education is a passion of mine, as is writing about it. My travel blog is online at

    I hope to offer quality articles about the places we’ve been.  

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