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    E-Commerce Web Developer (PHP, Copecart & Shopify)

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    Project description:

    Hi how are you doing?

    We are looking for an experienced E-Commerce OpenCart developer for an ongoing project. You can check out the store under this URL –

    Good knowledge over PHP programmation and Shopify is a must for this job. Please do not apply for this job if you have never worked with OpenCart before and are not willing to be on retrieve for job tasks. We need someone that is motivated, fast and an expert on his field.

    Just to get started your first job would be to program a new Pop-Up for the store. It is an easy job and quick cash. We are looking for someone that is free for work in the next 3 months. In addition to that, we offer you an opportunity for a lot of work and to join our digital marketing agency as a freelancer under a white labeling contract.

    We are looking for someone that want to become a part of a startup and has the right skills to do this kind of work –

    -You design and plan the conversion optimization (currently working with Open Kart) and implement this successfully
    -You optimize the backend of the web shop, integrate or customize plug-ins and are responsible for a continuous and targeted development
    -You plan and coordinate various IT projects and implements them in coordination with the departments involved

    You should be a European web developer (we can not accept guys from eastern Asia because of the data policy of Europe!).

    After we had successfully worked together, we will keep moving forward with this project. Our plan is to transfer the whole E-Commerce store from OpenCart to Shopify and this is definitely going to be a big job.

    I included you a Google Doc’s document with the first project on that you would work with us together. In this document you will find out more about our company and you will get a deeper look what is important for us.

    Please send me 3 E-Commerce shops that you have developed and designed.

    Good luck and I am looking forward to hearing from you! 🙂

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