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    Moneytis Marketing Manager

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    Project description:


    A new work philosophy in the 21st century, what would it be? Here is what it is for us: the workstyle has changed a lot and will keep changing in the coming years, we want to both create great products and live a life full of experiences and travels.

    We love challenges, pleasant lifestyle, and are ready to work hard and chill out in a bar on the other side of the world. We like continuous improvement and want anybody who joins us to be learning by different means including traveling.

    The startup helps students and expats moving money between countries and currencies by acting as the of money transfer: it searches for the fastest and cheapest money transfer in real time, thereby saving users hundreds of euros. Moneytis is run by an international team that moved to Amsterdam to join the ING Bank innovation studio.




    Transform a startup into a marketing success using everything you can imagine as long as in line with Moneytis values (transparency, team-spirit, challenge)

        You will work hard, enjoy, and suffer to implement it

     You will brainstorm, innovate and apply different user acquisition methods

        You will manage content management campaigns

      You will design posts for social media, and share them in order to build a community

        You will drink champagne, smile at your victory and prepare for sudden growth




         You are efficient, autonomous, curious, open-minded and innovating

       You master social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin

        You are passionate about content management and writing

        You master Photoshop or Sketch


    Apply here:

    1 Comment

    1. cachoharold

      I am interested to discuss the job you are offering and I am willing to learn and grow with your company. I have a lot of traits and skills that I think I can make as an asset for your project. I am looking forward to be conversing with you and I will be glad to be working for you.


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