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    Search for Independent Internet Marketer as Partner

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    Project description:

    Hi, I’m Ronald Scholten and founder of The reason for this was simple. As a former country manager and owner of a webshop, I was often looking for new buyers and suppliers.
    This was and still is a time-consuming but also costly activity.

    This is how I developed the idea that things should be done differently: more efficiently – cheaper – faster and internationally. To provide companies with a multilingual platform to present and inform themselves, after which they are looking for: a trading partner for the sale or for the purchase of products or services. Try and find your new Trading Partners.

    The presentation is provided by pitches. By placing a pitch, you promote your company with your products or services. If you are interested, you will have direct contact with potential partners.
    You can search for new trading partners and also promote your business.

    As you can experience on the site, I like to keep it simple. But you’ve probably already seen that.

    To fill the site I need a partner who is well acquainted with Internet Marketing. He / She will have to be able to enthuse companies to place their search for sales parties for their products / services on
    How the partnership will be further shaped is negotiable.

    The site is developed by me. That is my core business including developing new business. To let bizz247 growing it need a lot of ads for all kinds of business categories. Therefor I need a business companion who is capable to invest in the marketing part of the site. The investment is based on marketing developing. Most of the investing will be time. When there are enough ads per category we can ask money for several kinds of services. Those services are already developed and active inside the bizz247 model. That will be the moment we will earn money.

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