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    Hello my name is Özlem and I’m a 23 years old International business administration & foreign trade student. During my 3 month internship in Online Marketing at Digital Minds, I’ve made many impressions regarding Online Marketing. My main task was, to write different blogs on given keywords. Before that, I had to do some SEO research on websites like “ubersuggest” and “answerthepublic”, which is important for the content in order to rank at google. After that, I had to create the outline using Google Docs, before I could start writing. I wrote the blogs at WordPress which enabled me to work with it. In addition, I am currently working as a Project Assistant IT in a leading international  building materials companies. My tasks of my working student job are: Creating IT guidance for our end users and Stakeholders (also including content marketing) and preparing technical documents for the support of our project management team.  

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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