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    I am a Social Media Marketer, Youtube SEO Specialist & Copywriter with 2+ years of experience.

    You don’t have to take my word for it, I have solid proof of my achievements. Here-


    How I got undeniable results for a stagnant FB page (Without Paid Ads)-


    How I ranked Youtube videos for a channel with 0 subs-




    If you are not leveraging social media traffic, You are doing it wrong! Almost everyone in this world is in Facebook, every customer you will ever need! You get my drift?


    My Top Skills-


    Facebook Marketing (Both Organic and Paid) – Facebook ads is the most profitable type of advertisement in this planet! Google it.


    Youtube Marketing (Both Organic & Paid)- Video traffic is one of the highest converting traffic. It’s no mystery because people get to connect with a live person in the screen instead of some text and pictures.


    Copywriting- Even if everything is perfect, but your copy is bad, visitors will remain visitors. They won’t be your customers. I have written over 250 Ad Copies for a company, use my experience!

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