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    A mere word for word translation is literally “lost in translation.”

    A skilled translator knows how to capture the subtleties of a particular language and translates it to another language without losing the original intent of its meaning.  I strive for an accurate and seamless transition between both languages, whether it be for general or specialized translation projects.

    I was a native speaker of Korea until I immigrated to the United States during elementary school years. Since then, I was able to retain and improve my Korean alongside my English fluency. I am fully bilingual and continuously hone and refine translation techniques in my spare time for improvement. All languages are constantly fluctuating. Trendy new words and colloquialism gain popularity while archaic terms get phased out of circulation. I do my utmost to stay on top of it all, in order to bring the most current and accurate results to all my clients.

    I worked as an English tutor to non-English speaking Korean students during my high school and college years. I was able to study abroad in Korea during my college years, where I continued my teaching of English to the native speakers. The experience also strengthened my knowledge of Korean culture, mores, and customs which enabled my Korean language to become much more nuanced.  I am also well-versed in different Korean dialects which bring a slightly different flavor to the process.

    My latest translation experience was at a well known international drama site where I contributed in subbing for Korean dramas. 

    I am always ready to produce a high-quality content suited specifically to the project’s needs in an efficient and timely manner. 

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