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    Hello Nomads!

    Since 5 months, I am travelling as @TheTrashTraveler (Instagram) – collecting trash, producing a videoclip and an ukulele song everyday about pollution. 500 kg trash already. How big will the trash mountain get?

    However, I don´t only want to follow the above described approach – at the same time, I am also searching for a project together with others – to work in a team again.

    Originally, I am a M.Sc. molecular biologist also with knowledge in marketing and project management. I am interested in pharma and healthcare but also in solutions for a more sustainable life for people and companies. Healthcare and environment is related together.

    Skills / possible working fields:

    Topics: Pharma, Biology, Biomedical, Diseases, Environment, Recycling, Sustainability

    Consulting and project management

    Cooperation as a Trash-Expert

    SocialMedia Knowledge

    Creativity, extraordinary thinking

    Many more – let´s talk!

    Let´s connect and see what 2020 will bring!

    Best Regards,


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