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    I am an all in all story teller passionate about digital. A brand architect and product developer with north of 8 years experience between Finance, Media, Advertising and Research. I have worked in top brands in Southern Africa with a great trail of success stories and failures too, Yes I been equally good at both, best for my delivery, now served with documented learning to make sure I am hired for midwife level of delivery.

    Strategy, not just archaic tactics meant for vikings era, but real data driven insights to make way and headway for brands who have a place now and the future. Social Media, Content Marketing and Writing and Copy writing. You can’t pay and have insipid and flat copy, watered communication and a supply of bland messaging. 

    The good stuff and making brands thrive online. 

    I am all for that. Hire me!

    PS: My hourly rate depends on the complexity of the work at hand. (cheesy speak for we can talk about it)

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