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    I am rounding off Social Media in Public Relations certification course from National University of Singapore but have extensive social media marketing and communications experience and a record of excellent written and oral communication.

    I am skilled in creating content materials for outreach, promotion, and marketing using Facebook, Instagram, and other social media venues. In 2018, I managed Young Africa’s Leaders Initiative (YALI) Food Fest Campaign and in three days 100,320 accounts were reached on twitter and 208,295 impressions made. I was also able to move to bring 75% of the person that engaged with the Ad to the event, all the vendors sold out. I also developed and strategized the materials for Market March Promotion this month and, in four days, we was hitting 1,463, 163 accounts and making 1,773, 938 impressions. Therefore, I am optimistic that I possess the knowledge and drive that will contribute toward the success of your organization.

    I am passionate about Mature, flexible, adaptable, dependable, and respectful relationship within a diverse community as I spent last year volunteering for a health advocacy non profit organization. During my time there as the director of Public Relations, Our website was created and populated and I also designed the training certificates that were issued at The 32nd General Assembly of the Federation of African Medical Students Associations (FAMSA)

    My proven success in achieving digital branding and management along with my expertise in developing strategic social media initiatives and campaigns that appeals to all level of audience make me a strong fit for your organization. I look forward to speaking with you more about my qualifications.

    Yours sincerely,

    James Ekene Odigwe

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