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    My name is Winston Llanes, currently seeking employment with an organization in need of an affiliate manager or a similar position.


    I’ve been an affiliate manager for over a decade now, managing a wide variety of accounts—from one conversion a day webmasters to volume conversion whales, making sure targeted KPI’s are met.


    My experience has brought me invaluable sales skills to bring in new accounts and build on existing traffic sources. Managing incoming traffic coming from publishers and outgoing traffic going out to advertisers. 


    I can supervise the development and dispatch of ad tools with designers and developers according to the affiliate’s requests. I can also work with review sites, discuss and create discounts/promos, and contribute to the generation of favorable reviews.


    Though I have been in this line of work for quite some time, I remain open to learning new aspects in the business.

    It is my hope to bring over to you my services, my years of experience, together with my hunger for Sales.

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    • Experience: 10 years
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    • Country: Philippines