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    • faraz Website Design & Development, Customer Support Specialist 0 review
    • PHP, Laravel
    • SEO
    • Web Development
    • Website Development


    No matter the size of the job, I always approach each project with passion and proficiency. My name is Faraz, I am a Senior UI/UX Designer and WordPress Developer. I can definitely work with everyone on all the requirements to design a website. I can work on existing themes from scratch or design custom themes, working with templates, customizing widgets, customizing plugins, and programming whatever you need as long as the project is based on WordPress, I can easily manage it. Everything will be served exactly as per your requirements and meet all expectations. I possess absolutely no doubt that I can get the job done RIGHT, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. I am very skilled and experienced when it comes to website designs and also well versed in the trendy, latest, and greatest web design tricks and technologies that are necessary nowadays to make a website pop and look different and unique. Examples of such are Full Width Responsive, Parallax, lazy load, jQuery scripts, HTML5/CSS3 animations, and special effects, etc. I have over 8+ years of professional experience and have worked with hundreds of satisfied clients in the States as well.  

    ======================= WHY YOU SHOULD CHOOSE ME? ======================= 8+ years of experience in the web development/designing field. Ability to manage and work on multiple projects as both, an INDIVIDUAL and a TEAM PLAYER. My coding is CLEAN, VALID, and WELL DOCUMENTED. I use standard code and constructs. – I have good communication skills and have great experience dealing with clients and managing their business and projects. I have a strong technical background, good experience and can work with tight deadlines and deliver complex projects. Once I start on a project, I will provide you daily updates and progress reports, respond to your queries almost instantly and take care of any technical aspects of the project scope. Creativity, Consistency, Quality, and Timely Work (Satisfaction Guaranteed). Whatever a client’s online needs are, it is guaranteed that passion, experience, and technical know-how will be a part of accomplishing that job. 

    ================= FEW OF MY RECENT PROJECTS =================

    We love what we do, and we do what our clients love & work with great clients all over the world to create thoughtful and purposeful websites. Thank you. What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

    =========================== MY STRATEGY ===========================

    I am for transparency and effectiveness. Therefore, I want you to be involved in the whole process as much as possible, being 100% aware of what’s going on with your site. More than that, different customers have different needs, goals, and backgrounds. With that in mind, we form a range of necessary search marketing activities to match your business’s objectives only.


    Technology Expertise:


    – Backend:

    • Laravel

    • CodeIgniter

    • CakePHP

    • CorePHP

    • Zend

    • Symphony

    • Node.js

    • WordPress

    • Shopify

    • Joomla

    • Magento

    • OpenCart

    • Blockchain

    – Frontend:

    • HTML/CSS

    • React.js

    • Angular.js

    • Vue.js

    • WordPress


    Mob App Technologies:



    • Kotlin

    • Java

    • Flutter

    • Xarmin

    • PhoneGap

    • React Native

    • Ionic


    • Swift

    • Flutter

    • React Native

    • Ionic




    • eCommerce Store

    • payment gateways

    • login session setup

    • API creation and integration

    • Affiliate system

    • B2B marketplace

    • Custom programming

    • Learning management system

    • Transportation booking system

    • Live video calling/meeting/seminar setyo

    • ERP/CRM/Portals

    • Chrome extension

    • Custom plugins




    – SEO

    – Content Writing

    – Graphic Designing

    – Social Media Marketing


    Business Development:


    – LiveChat Support and Sales

    – Handovers

    – Call Bank

    – Lead Generation

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    • Hourly Rate: 14,00€/h
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    • Experience: 12 years
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    • Country: pakistan