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    I’m a mathematician with a passion for startups and hands-on work: I help corporates and startups with new (digital) business models to find, formulate and optimise theirs as well as creating the according business plans and financial planning. I also support investor preparation with business model presentation, KPI indentification and pitch training or can help with company evaluations. I am a former Investment Manager, investing medium 6-digits sums in IT-startups, therefore I know what investors are looking for from first hand. I’m also a passionate and experienced Startup Mentor for Incubators, Accelerators, Corporate Intrapreneurship Programmes and the German Version of the TV Show “Dragon’s Den”/”Shark Tank”. I only do high quality planning work that requires a surround underlying concept (and has therefore a much higher chance to find investors’ approval). With analysis tasks I prefer a deep and surround analysis, not just enough to say ‘something’.


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