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    • Business Development
    • HR Records administration, Processes, Payroll, Work & Social legislation
    • Product Design
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    I am confident that my high degree of professionalism, good communication skills, and friendly personality will help me meet the challenges of this position.

    Through my experience as a personal assistant, I have developed excellent organisational and problem solving skills. I am a dynamic but also a patient person and enjoy working with people from different cultural backgrounds. In my previous job I have been the main communication point for a range of administrative issues related to the employees of two large companies.

    In the past years, I have developed my own business, and since then I discovered that I can do more than I thought. At moment I’m responsible for products development, including presentation. I’m also the person in charge of organizing the marketing, events, products acquisition, sales and all the logistic process (products are sent from Holland to Angola). Now, I’m looking for a remote work to back in the job market.

    From my experience in HR while working an studies, I become more and more aware about the diversity in the organizations and also wellness and life balance. 

    Mother of a 5 years girls, I’m passionate about life, family, people and work. Traveling, cooking, exercising, read and study and spending time with family and friends.

    Please feel free to reach me.

    Your sincerely,

    Zania da Silva


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