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    • Mohammad Ali Akmal Senior Php Web Developer 0 review
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Angular JS
    • MySql
    • PHP
    • VueJS


    Dear prospective client, I am an experienced full stack LAMP web expert with over 10 years of experience in developing web application for a wide range of clientele. I have worked on corporate websites to full blown web applications and collaborations tools as well as a successful web portal and social community website.

    My core skill-set includes:
    – Over a decade of experience in LAMP development in Php
      – Experience and Expertise in MVC frameworks like Laravel, Zend, Code Ignitor & Yii
      – Over 4+ years working in Laravel Framework
      – TDD with Php Unit
    – Expert in WordPress Development in coding wordpress themes, plugins
      – Expertise with WooCommerce, BBPress, BuddyPress, Genesis etc
    – More than 8 years of front end development experience
      – JavaScript, JQuery, Dojo, Prototype, Scriptaculous
      – HTML5, CSS3, CSS with SASS, LESS. Bootstrap Twitter, Foundation Zurb
      – Expert AngularJS developer
    – Database Design & Optimization in MySQL,PostgreSQL
    – API Integration with APIs such as
      – Google Maps API/ Open Layers Map API
      – Google Apps Engine
      – Facebook API
      – TokBox
      – Amazon Web Services
      – Paypal, epay, ccavenue, 2Checkout, Stripe
    – 3+ years of development experience in Ruby on Rails
      – TDD with RSpec & Cucumber
      – Expertise with Capistrano, Capybara, HAML, Solr, Sphinx, Mailman, Active Merchant
    – Linux Server administration on Amazon Web Services and Digital Ocean

    I code clean and manageable code;alongside I am a Zend Certified Php Programmer. I work with a number of open source technologies such as Laravel Framework, Zend, Codeignitor and prefer programming as per the MVC pattern.

    As a full stack developer I am skilled at front end programming with years behind me of working with HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, JavaScript Libraries such as JQuery, Prototype, and Dojo. I can take the most complex photoshop design and turn it into a highly optimized mobile Responsive HTML5 site.

    I can be accessed on Skype and google hangouts, plus as a full time freelancer can commit the required time for your projects. My preferred choice of tools for project management is:

    – Basecamp. Slack, trello or pivotal tracker
    – Bitbucket as git repository
    – Assembla as SVN repository

    I extend my interest in undertaking all forms of challenging web/mobile based projects as per your requirements promising you high quality work and quick turnarounds.

    Have a wonderful day!

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    • Hourly Rate: 30,00€/h
    • Rating:
    • Experience: 12 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Total earned: 0,00€
    • Country: United Arab Emirates