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    • Nelson Labrujó database programmer 0 review
    • data entry
    • Excel
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    I have extensive experience in using Excel either as a data collection and processing file or in combination with other programs, namely, MS Access.

    On the other hand, this experience allows the overcoming of certain obstacles that arise in files created by others in which the formatting has certain errors that prevent the correct functioning of spreadsheets.

    This experience was obtained in a professional context since I had to extract information from data posted in excel sheets.

    Also in an academic context I produced several databases linking MS Excel and MS Acess and ArcGis.

    Finally, I am very excited to be able to help anyone who needs to have databases with information as they wish.

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    • Hourly Rate: 15,00€/h
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    • Experience: 20 years
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    • Country: Portugal