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    • Anjelyca Hellon Project Manager/Administration Professional 0 review


    Anjelyca P.M. Hellon

    8459 Heritage Hill Drive

    Elk Grove, Ca. 95624

    Cell: (916) 879-2064





    Customer service professional with more than five years of progressive and responsible experience to customers; Utilizes comprehensive product knowledge, friendly with diverse cultures and personalities; Possessing an enthusiastic personality to quickly map out client needs in order to recommend appropriate solutions. Combines patience, determination, and persistence to resolve client issues and ensure 100% satisfaction. Earn clients’ trust by consistently proving that their needs are paramount.





    EDUtainment Pros                                       08/2017 to Present

    ·       Maintain an overall schedule between client and staff that clarify work to be done, who is responsible, and dates due for all items.

    ·       Managing budget and track spending: Participate in budgeting and forecasting expenses by providing estimates on spending for major projects.

    ·       Create and maintain projected expense spreadsheet for potential grant funding opportunities.

    ·       Create and deliver invoices for payment and request invoices if not received in a timely manner.

    ·       Facilitate the bidding, review, and finalization of contracts for clients and staff.

    ·       Scope, recruit, and assist in supervising contractors to handle logistics of events. Hire and supervise temporary staff as needed.

    ·       Identify potential sponsors, support volunteers enlisting them, and maintain relations year to year.

    ·       Encourage community members to host and assists with proposals.

    ·       Conduct site visits to determine if potential site facilitates program requirements.

    ·       Ensure with the logistics team/contractors that all requirements for function/meeting space are met, including: Internet connectivity, registration, printing and signage, accommodations, ADA compliance, security, friendly-space policy, and transportation.

    ·       Support and highlight client efforts, provide continuity year to year about the Young Mogul Program’s processes and coaching or mentorship to add sponsors where needed so that client skills and capacity continue to be built.

    ·       Coordinate the EDUtainment Pros’ Young Mogul Celebration, EDUtainment Pros’ end of the year showcase.

    ·       Facilitate and work collaboratively with sponsors to provide support for local program implementation.


    Wells Fargo NBBC                                       09/2015 to 08/2017

    ·      Knowledge of CIV, BCS, NICE, STS tracking, HOGAN, CSTAR, NICE, SOFTPHONE, ESP scheduling system.

    ·      Extensive Knowledge of the Virtual Library, as well as banking policies, procedures, and products.

    ·      Managed business bank accounts and answered phones in a high volume call center environment.

    ·      Promoted to a leadership position to help phone bankers with business customer phone calls.

    ·      Responded to escalated calls from phone bankers.


    Dr. Pepper Snapple Group                          03/2014 to 09/2015

    ·       Managed inventory of coolers, vending machines, and fountains

    ·       Generate monthly reports to reconcile inventory.

    ·       Responded to calls from customers and Sales Reps to process service request.

    ·       Recorded service request and move request of equipment.

    ·       Processed purchase orders and requisition for parts and coolers.

    ·       Oversee scheduling of service request for technicians

    ·       Put together weekly routes for pickup and delivery of coolers.

    ·       Assisted with training of SAP processes.

    ·       Knowledge of SAP program.


    Sprint Retention                                           08/2012 to 09/2013

    ·       Managed customers personal or business cell phone accounts.

    ·       Answered phones in a high volume call center environment.

    ·       Offered companies goods and services.

    ·       Troubleshoot network or cell phone issues.

    ·       Maintained quota and daily referral measures and quality care expectations.

    ·       Retained business and kept customers from cancelling service.


    Wells Fargo NBBC                                        08/2008 to 07/2010

    ·       Manage business bank accounts.

    ·       Answered phones in a high volume call center environment.

    ·       Offer companies products and services to help meet their financial needs.

    ·       Maintained quota and daily referral measures and quality care expectations.




    High School Diploma – Graduated from Elk Grove High School

    American River College- Some college completed


    Additional Skills


    My previous positions have involved public contact. Therefore, I feel comfortable dealing with people on different levels. I am also accustomed to being in a position of responsibility. I am detail oriented and able to function independently, with little direction. I am willing to set goals and work to achieve them. I consider time management, effective use of resources, efficiency, planning and accountability of work responsibilities very important. I possess strong analytical problem-solving skills, learn quickly and find satisfaction and pleasure in achieving work goals.

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    • Hourly Rate: 26,92€/h
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    • Experience: 4 years
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    • Country: United States