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    My name is Manuel. Meanwhile I’m also working online because I want to use the possibility to live in different places in the world and learn about new cultures while being able to earn money, improving my skills and gaining more experience. I’m from Germany but I already lived and worked in England, Ireland and now I’m for over 3 month in Da Nang, Vietnam. Travelling already taught me a lot and helped me to grow and learn new things.


    My primary focus has become Website Design on WordPress. Through the websites I was able to also gain experience in Business Advising, making Business Plans, Marketing Strategies and managing websites and companies. I’ve built a different range of websites from a local tour company to an international charity organisation, and I’m always looking for a new challenge.


    Next to a certificate in Online Marketing from Google I’m also certified in Economy and Business Management by the International Business Management Institute in Berlin, Germany. 


    I’m still always learning and very passionate about the websites I make and strive to ensure all targets my clients have.


    In genreal I’m always looking for new challenges. I think your project would be perfect for me because I can improve my skills and gain more experience. 


    I will send you my CV so you can check out my working experience and qualifications.


    If you would like to know more about me, would like to hire me or even work with me, please do get in touch.


    Hope to hear from you soon!

    Manuel Brandt


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