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    My name is Alice Vasconcelos i am a franco-portuguese freelance photographer, based in Lisbon,Portugal.

    Check out my site to see my portfolio:

    Recently I came back from Paris where I was taking a professional course in photojournalism at the International School called Spéos ( ). Where I received my RNCP diploma.

    The course was in partnership with Agencia Magnum (, where we had the privilege to meet, learn and practice with the best photographers in the world. 

    During the year I developed a project about homeless women in Paris called The Hidden Women, the project was successful and was recognized by several identities; by Magnum Agency, Spéos School and the photography festival in Bièvres in Paris, where I won the Jean & André Fage 2019 award, the project was for exhibition at Magnum Agency, Spèos Gallery and Arles Festival where it was projected in front of four thousand people and exhibited in a gallery in the city center. 

    In 2018 i lived in Australia, Brisbane where i thought analog photography to young kids at Griffith University.

    Now 2020 is starting back in my home land Portugal. I am full of energy and determination to continue developing projects and working with creative people!

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