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    • lucaspimenta Financial Consultant 0 review
    • Bachelor's Degree
    • English to Portuguese translation
    • Financial Analysis
    • Financial Planning


    My name is Lucas, I am originally from São Paulo, Brazil. I was shortlisted at the University in 2009 at the undergrad program with the major in Economics and I started to work in that specific field in 2010. In 2011 I was accepted at an internship program in a Federal bank, and right after that experience I received an offer to join the team of a private bank, where I worked until 2014. During this period of time I graduated with my Bachelors in Economics with focus on Finance and Investments. I also have taken a CPA, Stock Exchange & Investments certifications.


    I am passionate about Finances and I believe that my strongest differential and characteristic among others is my ability of leadership and communication I attained over my years of professional experience.


    I lived in the United States for two years, and throughout that experience I was able to improve my English skills as well as to learn Spanish. I have worked in Hyderabad, India as a SAP Consultant for the FI CO modules. Currently attending an MBA in Finance & Banking.


    I consider such experience a demonstration of my interest in different cultures as well as an opportunity to improve my flexibility through working and dealing with colleagues and friends from multiple backgrounds. 


    Best Regards,

    Lucas Pimenta.

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