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    My name is Alberto Weinstock Cattan, I am from Brazil and I have volunteered experience as a translator for holocaust survivors, and besides that I am also private teacher of English and German. I am a very responsible and flexible.

     I am a student of international relations and I am looking for new challenges, which shall spread my wings in the theme of multicultural relations that shall provide opportunities to participate on projects of international customers. With all these, I shall enlarge my knowledge in culture enabling to achieve my short and long range goals.

     Finally, I am a hardworking and dedicated person who always fulfill projects deadlines whether they are of the most varied subjects.  I am an open mind person to receive critics that shall enable my professional development and improvement. In addition, I have great interest in different areas such as International Relations, Politics, History and Video Games.

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    • Hourly Rate: 30,00€/h
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    • Country: Brazil