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    I am a trained assistant to the patent attorney and have a German diploma/masters degree in information science, and I am writing my PhD at the University of Paderborn on the subject of “game-based adult education with a focus on teachers and school management”.

    As you can see from my résumé, I approached the subject of digital communication, training and education from a technical perspective and have not left this field since finishing my studies at University of Applied Science in Potsdam.

    Because of my socialization as a GDR worker’s child, I dedicated myself particularly to the disadvantaged target groups. That is why I have always viewed information sciences as an area of ​​the research- & education sector and recognized the target group-specific preparation of knowledge and trainings as one of my areas of interest. This is a strongly user-centered approach and basically focuses on the interests and perspectives of customers and stakeholders which is always based of a data driven PERSONA development for further usage.

    In my résumé you can see that I work very project-oriented and like to take on artistic challenges. Due to the current global development, information technology and education is a means of stabilization and development in business and society. Digital communication and education can work in a future-oriented manner and opens up prospects.

    During my work as managing director and freelance trainer, I was able to greatly develop my skills in research, networking, fundraising and participation strategies. The development of a diversity of digital solutions orientated onto special needs was one of my most requested skills. May it be linux server setup, cloud setup, web development or social media as well as community management.

    During my international experience in Cameroon (freelance), Liberia and now in the Philippines, I was able to expand my skills in international cooperation & research and developed a greater intercultural sensitivity.

    Due to the versatility of my work, I am experienced in moderating large groups, leading teams, in agile and goal-oriented project management as well as digital methods and strategies for a wide variety of challenges.

    Besides this I am working pro-bono for several NGOs to develop their own branding, homepages and intranets as well as doing server-administration.

    I am currently contracted as an educational research consultant for digital education, knowledge management and gamification in the Philippines for the ASEAN-wide operating institute SEAMEO INNOTECH. I think my broad knowledge as well as my strong focus on focus group/ stakeholder participation, can be useful. Furthermore, through my technological knowledge,

    If you are interested in working with me, I would be very happy and remain with best regards.

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