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    • susannpataki Marketing - PR - Communications Pro - PMO 0 review
    • Communication Strategy
    • PR Texting
    • Project management
    • public relations
    • Social Media


    passionate and well experienced: allrounder in PR, Marketing, Communication as well as in Project Management/Organizing – PMO  

    Online/ Offline 

    able to work remote: wherever you need me! 

    Key Facts 
    • work simultaneously on different projects and budgets 
    • able to prioritise 
    • experience as „Head of“ and leading teams
    • able to communicate, take on responsibility, able to work under pressure, flexible, independent and adaptive
    • able to create and realize publicity (movies, lifestyle, art, culture) and marketing strategies (e.g. BTL campaigns, display campaigns, ATL campaigns….)
    • arrange and oversee press events 
    • press contacts nationwide 
    • strong networking skills
    • brand building for smaller brands with lots of unconventional ideas
    • creative and multifunctional 
    • also working as PMO and/ or Project Supervisor to oversee communication/ marketing strategies within projects 

    • hands-on, self-starter mentality
    • top-down thinking – clear priorities 
    • structured action plans to implement strategic goals 
    • clear specification of roles and responsibilities in projects
    • introduce new digital tools to teams to create smoother workflows 

    Tact and sensitivity:
    • close working relationships with customers, suppliers and co-workers
    • open communication to include and motivate teams
    • keen sense for feasible solutions with the highest acceptance
    • working experience in international & mixed cultures

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    • Hourly Rate: 60,00€/h
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    • Experience: 15 years
    • Projects worked: 0
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