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    Hi! I’m Kels,

    I’m a freelance writer who specialises in cruelty-free beauty and personal development.
    I am here to help you drive traffic to your website, save you time, and ease those headaches.

    I pride my content and copy for always being:

    – Engaging
    – Informative
    – Creative

    Most importantly it’s personal to your reader or client, making sure your brand sounds human. (Let’s not make it sound like a 90’s infomercial)

    MissKelsDay was created to banish old detached emotionless copy and content.

    Your readers and clients are becoming more desensitised and aware of old marketing strategies, they want a more personal, genuine, and consistent brand voice.

    This is why I’m here.

    As a drama graduate, I’ve spent the last 7 years learning about human connection, psychology, and mostly what makes us react.

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