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    • Visionary -sets goals and let the coworkers decide how
    • Coach – coaching by identifying strengths and weaknesses
    • Doer – project manager who makes things happen


    • Structure – makes sure the right thing gets done at the right time according to budget
    • Commitment – takes thing on with a strong drive and passion
    • Curiosity – always want to learn more, know more and develop


    Managemant consultant | Wild Strawberry2017-10-

    Management consultant with the goal to create maximum customer benefit through strategic development, change management, project management and operative efficiency.

    Assignments within sales and marketing strategy, digital strategy, preparing company owners for stepping down.


    CEO | Roupéz Profile | 2012-01-2017-10

    CEO of a sales company focusing on promotional products and merchandise. 25 employees and turnover of 70 million SEK. The company had a strong owner presence. 
    Successfully merged two different companies and extended the marketing offer with several business areas. Developed the company from selling “stuff” to supporting the clients in in strengthening their brands and brand communication.
    Apart from leadership and contact with clients, also responsible for economics, logistics, IT, webb and digitizing, design, backoffice and management system.


    Manager | Roupéz Profile | 201004—201201

    Staff management for sales people and administrative staff. Responsible for development and project management of IT-solutions, change management, webshops and logistics.


    IT-Manager | Hedbergs Mekaniska Verkstad200508–201004

    Built the IT-department from scratch and was responsible for infrastructure, ERP-system (Monitor), application and IT in machine operations. Management and planning of strategic and operative work in the IT department. 
    Investigate potential for IT-development in the company and propose solutions, mainly logistics, production planning and purchasing. 
    The role as CFO was added in 2008-2010 as a request from the bank. The role as change leader ands responsible for management system during the period 2008-2010.


    IT-DeveloperGislaved gummi| 200412–200508

    Responsible for development of applications and software. System responsibility for ERP-system – IFS Applications. 
    Change leader for work processes with the support of IT. 
    International cooperation within the company regarding solutions we had in common. 


    Marketing SupportSmurfit Munksjö Packaging200112—200412

    Support for marketing and sales with a strong IT-prescense. Project managment and development of CRM, extranet, factbook and marketing parts of ERP-system (ASW). 
    Budget coordinator and the Sales Manager’s right hand. 


    Project Manager ERPTrailergruppen | 200103—200112

    Project management for implementing a new ERP-system (from ASW and XAL to Axapta). 
    Specification for web solution for one way trailers. 

    Project Manager ERPAnticimex HK | 200003—200103

    Project management for implementation of new ERP-system – IFS Applications. Several sub-projects, educations and user support. 
    Report programming with SQL and Crystal Reports. 


    Office Manager | Anticimex Jkpg | 199310–200003

    Staff management for customer support and technician. 
    Responsible for the customer experience and administrative development. 
    Industry Consultant – advanced food hygien consultant to the food process industry (HACCP, IPM).

    Various odd jobs Tenerife, Spain199110–199310

    Waitress, bartender


    Customer supportAnticimex Jkpg 199006–199110

    Customer service, consulting and booking orders. Administration and accounting. Handling of agreements and reports. 


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