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    Mr. Tuft is a recognised authority and advisor on information management, enterprise architecture and integration, business strategy development, outsourcing, and governance.  He is a confirmed project and programme manager, consultant and analyst with more than 35 years of practical international experience.  He has created sales, marketing, consulting and development teams and he has coached and managed teams in public- and private-sector organisations in Europe, North America, and Middle East.  He is proficient in English, French, German, Italian and Norwegian.

    Prior to his current practice as a consultant, Mr Tuft was Leadership Partner at Gartner for 5 years.  Before, he worked multiple years as an independent consultant.  He was vice president of META Group, (Gartner) consulting and research.  Earlier, he held senior management positions at several multinational companies: enterprise systems consulting manager at Dell, business development manager at AT&T, business manager for information management, business manager for infrastructure software and engineering programme manager at Digital Equipment, network marketing and product manager at Hewlett-Packard and corporate board member of SPAG.  Mr Tuft also worked outside the IT industry as export sales manager at Rhône-Poulenc (Sanofi).  Mr. Tuft received his PhD in Political Science from Institute of Political Studies – Paris, France and a M.B.A. from the University of St. Gallen Switzerland.

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