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    Hello, i am Han, 

    i started developin my HTML, PHP, and Mysql Skills quite a while ago. Should be in the year 1999. At that time it was a Big Dream to create an online Community for asian People in Germany. Without any knowledge how to do it, i started to learn and tech myself all the needed skills. 

    The Community went online 1 year after (and way before facebook, myspace and other social networks. Unfortunately members began to move to facebook, so i stopped that project in 2010. However it was a great experience and i really learned a lot.  you can check it at*/ 

    After that i worked on several projects until today based on the following tools:

    • wordpress
    • magento
    • shopify

    Other Skills i have are the following

    • Mysql
    • PHP
    • Linux
    • Bash
    • Excel

    Now i am learning

    1. Python
    2. Excel VBA
    3. and of course improving all the skills i already have

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    • Country: Germany