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    • Jonas Holt Illustrator / Comic Artist / Maker 0 review
    • Character Development
    • comic
    • Illustration
    • logo design
    • prototyping


    Hi, i’m Jonas and I’m a young illustrator, comic artist and maker from Berlin, Germany.

    From a young age, I’ve been drawing, modeling and making. It started out with doodles of my favorite comic heroes and self-made and modified toys and turned into a lifelong passion and profession.

    I illustrate for print and digital use and make comics of my own, with collaborators and for hire. I am adept in the use of a wide range of materials for prototyping and modeling and have designed a variety of products within the last years, so if you’re looking for someone who can think out of the box for your project, I might just be that person.

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    • Hourly Rate: 40,00€/h
    • Rating:
    • Experience: 8 years
    • Projects worked: 0
    • Total earned: 0,00€
    • Country: Scotland / Germany