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    Hey there.

    For the last months, I have been helping amazing clients get results to surpass their goals and I absolutely love it. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that I am not ripping off clients and producing the best work of our lives. Work that makes a difference.

    I specialize in:

    Facebook Marketing

    Instagram Marketing

    Twitter, Instagram and facebook growth

    I also have expertise in the areas of:

    Generating sales via the Instagram Dm

    Social Media Management 

    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Strategy.

    Content Creation.

    Having worked with numerous clients and running a business myself  I have learned that the three key things that most of my clients need are

    1. A plan -a layout on how to overcome the obstacles and achieve their goals which mostly is to get more, customers. 

    2. Tools -to implement and execute on Income-producing activities which will eventually lead to achieving their goals.

    3. Help.-We all get stuck at some point in our quest to success and we all need help that’s why I am here to help you go further  and get away from the feeling of being “stuck”

    When you work with me I help you with all three of the above Issues to make sure you get the best results.

    So I’d like you to take the next step and send me a message. 

    Even better hire me, when you do that we will set up a plan on how to get you past your roadblocks stopping you. We will also talk about the tools to help you on your journey. Finally, you will have my expertise to help produce the best results.

    ?Let’s get started and get you and your business the results you deserve.?

    Take their word, all these people can’t be wrong:⬇

    Our social media pages had been dormant for some time. However, since we got Eddy on our team our pages on Twitter and Facebook are growing massively since we started working with him the results have been fantastic, With him in the first twenty-eight days, our page got 148 new twitter followers.

    He has also helped us increase our reach and spread our message on Facebook through posts and we are getting more likes than before on our content. I can’t recommend Eddy enough without him we wouldn’t be making quantum leaps in spreading our global message.

    -Team Conscious Evolution (UK based brand)

    We had a smooth experience working with Eddy.the communication was fast and smooth. The quality of his deliverable is top. He also went the extra mile to keep us educated on what he was doing with our account and what we were to expect. Thanks to working with him and his advice on using stories for customer appreciation hash-tags and effective times to post we were able to cross the 77K mark on Instagram and still growing.

    Lilly Ann – Senior Manager Dazzy Store

    Thanks to Eddy for all his help. We started working with him, and for sure he got us results. We were able to get more clients flooding into our restaurant and more likes on our posts. Eddy also has his sense of humor which makes him even better to work with. I would definitely recommence his expertise. Its been a smooth time working with him.

    Dennis M.-Memphis restaurant manager

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