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    • Dominic Morgenthaler Project Manager 0 review
    • customer service
    • French / German / English : fluent, spoken & written
    • Leading
    • Scrum & Agile Methodologies,


    Profile | Exceptional empathy and outstanding versatility

    I am a person with multipotentiality. This means, I am extremely good in many different fields of activities. That is why I am the ideal choice for multifaceted functions that require a wide variety of skills.

    And where people are the main focus. Because I am blessed with exceptional empathy and communication skills, which makes it extremely easy for me to deal positively and authentically with people and teams.

    Consequently, representation, consulting as well as leadership and coaching are also among my great strengths.

    My six most important professional highlights | As colorful as life itself

    §  Leading and transforming a demanding enterprise client (close to CHF 2 million revenue per year) as IT project manager towards agile project methodology.

    §  Project manager of the successful ISO 9001:2015 initial certification in a rapidly growing IT company.

    §  Nine creative years as an award-winning photographer in Brazil and France (kitesurf, locations and events) and Switzerland (events, portraits, food); popular Chef de Bar and Bar Consultant.

    §  Successful realization of various business management projects as a freelance consultant.

    §  Founding, building and managing a startup with 15 employees.

    §  Sustainable, complete redesign of the visionary commercial training of a Swiss corporation.

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    • Hourly Rate: 95,00€/h
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    • Experience: 10 years
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    • Country: Switzerland