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    I am a 36 year old Freelancer in the Field of agile Software Development, Web Development and Web Design as well. My preferred technologies I work with on a regular Basis are Git (for collaboration) and Java, PHP, Ajax, JavaScript (including MySQL als Databank Language and of course HTML/CSS for everything nice to see on the web) as well – even though my experiences are far wider set.

    I first learned to code in Visual Basic, during the 90s, changed to Delphi 3 for educational purposes and finally ended up, studying Software Engineering at an Austrian University of appplied sciences.

    I developed social media based web applications for a wide set of clients in the past, and even set up some of my own projects and visions. My idea is to make the web a better and user friendly place and invest myself in projects that seem to be worth it – or somehow challenging in a technical way.

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    • Hourly Rate: 35,00€/h
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    • Experience: 10 years
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    • Country: Austria