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    My Name is Christian Linzing, i’m 29 years old, currently living in Lisbon. My current occupation is as a privat german teacher in Lisbon. Due this Virus crisis I got time to reorganize and research for a new opportunity. As a short description of myself is the most difficult part. My curiosity for language and culture are developed in my early ages, because I grow up in a multi-ethical family. Begin of my journey my family where moved to Romania where i learned the language and i got in touch with the culture. After i finished my highschool there I got back to germany where i study history and archaeology in Munich and Berlin. Due my study i got the possibility to work in Greece and Denmark witch helped me to continue my study and my hobby. Back in Berlin I also worked with refugees from all different part’s of the middle and far East. after 4 years in Berlin i decided to move to Portugal because I was curios about the Portuguese language in relation with the other Lusophonic countries.  

    Thank you for your Time.

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