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    Director of Engineering

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    Project description:

    As our Director of Engineering, you will grow with us, designing and implementing our technical strategy and building a team that empowers our Experteering movement. While our team has worked with technical teams before, we are largely non-technical, so communication with non-technical people is a must. To support our team, and you, MovingWorlds does have advisory support from a technical advisor who will stay engaged to help with onboarding, code review, and troubleshooting.

    Beyond leading the development of and our powerful admin and backend tools, as we continue to scale, we will also look to your leadership to build a technical team around you. Initially, you will work collaboratively with the entire MovingWorlds team, and most closely with Derk Norde who leads product strategy.

    Our platform was developed in Node.JS on a PostgreSQL database by various developers over the last 4 years. The last year we have worked with independent contractors, and as we are growing our team and programs, we are now looking to onboard a full-stack Javascript web developer to our core team as Director of Engineering.

    Joining our team will help grow the Experteering movement and help get expertise to the parts of the world that it most – as the Director of Engineering, you will lead our technology stack to scale this movement.More specifically, you will be expected to:

    – Technically guide and handle the necessary backend development improvements, including effective deployment, resource utilization, test coverage, and security.

    – Technically guide and handle the necessary front end development.

    *Our ideal candidate* will have 3-5+ years of prior experience as the lead engineer on larger, consumer facing matchmaking platforms or marketplaces. Previous experience working in a Startup environment is a big bonus.

    We are looking for a candidate with the following skillset:

    -Experience with Node.js and popular Javascript packages such as async, sequelize, and lodash 
    -Experience with complex relational database schemas, preferably PostgreSQL 
    -Experience with test driven development and continuous integration 
    -Experience with infrastructure tooling, ideally Docker 
    -Good knowledge of object oriented programming practices 
    -Knowledge of frontend fundamental skills, such as maintaining a scalable CSS architecture and writing semantic HTML 
    -Understanding of what makes a good commit history and the value it provides 
    -Exposure to JQuery 
    -Exposure to AWS

    It would also be great if in addition, you have: 
    -Experience with a front end Javascript framework such as React or Angular 
    -Experience with agile methodologies 
    -Experience with any of the following: Mailchimp, Mandrill, Zendesk, Segment, Mixpanel, Google Analytics 
    -A good understanding of cybersecurity

    It would be amazing if you have: 
    -Experience with Salesforce integration 
    -Some design knowledge 
    -Experience contributing to active open source projects

    A good addition to small teams: 
    -Experience setting clear expectations and create a positive work environment based on accountability, in collaboration with the team 
    -Takes initiatives and is results-driven 
    -Analytical, able to translate findings & trends into models and functional designs 
    -Help screening and onboarding new engineers, can oversee building out a technical team 
    -The ability to analyse requirements and transform them into deliverables

    What We’re Building

    MovingWorlds is a social impact organization addressing the global talent gap.

    Our online platform and community connects people who want to travel and volunteer their expertise directly with nonprofits, schools, and/or social enterprises around the world. We maintain quality by selectively sourcing professionals and organizations who then interact through our website to find each other and plan high-impact “Experteering” engagements. In addition, innovative corporations can leverage the same platform to create and manage worldwide skills-based volunteering programs for employees.

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